White 8oz. Candle

Lid Color
Summer Scents
Kitchen Scents
Nature Scents
Floral Scents
Fruit Scents
  • To get a Safe and fragrant burn each time you use your candle, please follow the following instructions.

    • Never leave a candle unattended, and keep out of reach from children and pets.
    • If your candle repeatedly smokes, flickers or burns too high, blow it out.
    • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris... it can catch on fire too!!
    • For best results, burn candles for 1-4 hours.
    • Before lighting your candle make sure the wick is only 1/4 inch tall and centered in your candle. Use scissors to cut your wick.
    • If your candle doesn't burn correctly, bring it back and we will figure it out together.
BASK in the aroma.
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